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Morning Update: Homeless Alone

In a story picked up by one or two other news outlets, Bloomberg news reports that the number of homeless families have increased. As is so often the case, children are hit hardest.

Experts think they know what’s behind the rise in homeless families. The labor market stinks, jobs are hard to come by, and unemployment is “elevated.” For those lucky enough to have jobs, wages are stagnant, but the cost of renting a place to live isn’t stagnant. With so many people forced to rent after losing their homes, the rental market is competitive. When demand is high, and supply is short, the cost goes up.

Each of the past five years has seen median household income drop. Adjusted for inflation, Americans in 2013 under Obama are earning what they earned in 1996. It’s pitiful.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition issued a report. They found low-income households can only afford $495 a month in rent. But nationally, the average two-bedroom apartment rents for $977 a month.

The plight of homeless families isn’t front-page news. There are no crying TV-talk-show hostesses interviewing homeless children. Poor, homeless children, whose only wish is to have their own bed to lay their heads down at night, next to the stuffed animal that keeps them company, as they sleep on outdoor grates on cold, rainy nights.

To get that kind of coverage, we’d have to have a Republican in the White House. Don't ya know.


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